TotalChoice Hosting Gives More Away For Free …..

We all know what happened last time Head Guru had one of his bright ideas and listened to clients, we ended up with backups taken every 12 hours. As usual he’s been listening to all the family out there and decided to give things away again for free.

I am very pleased to announce that he’s excelled himself this time, and decided to double or even triple disk space and bandwidth on plans. Effective February 12th, 2008 all new accounts will include increased disk space and additional bandwidth. These increases vary by plan but some are 200% more resources than current values. Some examples of the new plans are:

  • Our new Starter Plan will feature 40GB of Bandwidth and 1400MB of space!
  • Our new Simple Reseller Plan will feature 75GB of Bandwidth and 3000MB of space!

We will be phasing these increases into effect over the next couple of weeks to our entire current client base. Please be patient with us, we will be working through the servers as fast as possible.

For our dedicated clients, we will be increasing your bandwidth resources to 2000GB

Happy Hosting!

Google Apps: Changing Mail Exchange(MX) records

Over the past few months we have received an ever increasing number of support requests for changes to MX records. The majority of these requests are from customers that are wanting to get their mail via Google Apps. You can always open a ticket requesting these changes, however, here are the instructions for those of you who like to get your hands dirty. (don’t worry, if you break it we can fix it)

 To modify your MX records with TotalChoice:

  1. Log in to your cPanel account.
  2. Under Mail options Select the MX Entry icon. A list of your current MX records will appear.
      If using the X2 theme click Mail then Click Modify Mail Exchanger (MX Entry).
  3. Click Change an MX Entry.
  4. In the Change MX for… field, enter ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM
     If you wish to add additional MX entries for your domain you will need to set them with a lower priority than the primary MX entry. For example, to add the entry ALT1.ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM just set the priority field to 1.  Please be aware that 0 is the highest priority and 10 is the lowest.
  5. Click Change

It’s that simple and you should start receiving your mail via Google Apps in a few minutes.

Please note that the above instructions are specific to Google Apps but the basic steps are the same for any MX record modifications. You will  still need to open a support request if you wish to use any of the Google Apps features that require CNAME changes.

Microsoft’s hostile takeover bid !

Microsoft has offered $50 billion for Yahoo! as it failed to match Google’s success and also as a means to counter Google-DoubleClick deal. I just feel that Microsoft is frustrated because it failed to become the numero uno of the internet. Has Microsoft finally realised that it cannot make it big on its own ? is it because Yahoo and Microsoft have fallen behind Google in the race to capture online advertising dollars.

I am sure the Anti Trust lobby will have a word or two regarding this deal, if it goes through.

What is your take on the whole episode ?

Is there a conspiracy happening

Have you heard of the undersea cables mysteriously being cut? Who or what is at fault?

The count as of today is up to 5. That’s right the latest cable cut affected 1.7m Internet users in UAE.

Internet as well as voice data has been affected.

A total of five cables being operated by two submarine cable operators have been damaged with a fault in each.

These are SeaMeWe-4 (South East Asia-Middle East-Western Europe-4) near Penang, Malaysia, the FLAG Europe-Asia near Alexandria, FLAG near the Dubai coast, FALCON near Bandar Abbas in Iran and SeaMeWe-4, also near Alexandria.

The first cut in the undersea Internet cable occurred on January 23, in the Flag Telcoms FALCON submarine cable which was not reported. This has not been repaired yet and the cause remains unknown, explained Jaishanker.

A major cut affecting the UAE occurred on January 30 in the SeaMeWe-4 (South East Asia-Middle East-Western Europe-4). “This was followed by another cut on February 1 which was on the same cable (FALCON). This affected the du network majorly as connections from the Gulf were severed while there was limited connectivity within the region,” said Khaled Tabbara, executive director, Carrier Relations, du.

He explained that the network was re-routed through Al Khobar in Saudi Arabia and was near normal now.

Almost 90 per cent of Internet traffic is routed through undersea cables and only 10 per cent is done through the satellite.

The experts also suggested that the cause of damage could have been a ship’s anchor that was dragging due to inclement weather conditions in the region during that particular period. “About 60-80 per cent of damages to undersea cable are due to external factors and only 10 per cent on an average can be classified as component failure,” said Tabbara.

Khaleej Times

A ship’s anchor? Really? Five cables? Don’t these ships know where the cables are? Curious minds want to know.

Ebay to ban feedback?

Online auction website, announced that they would ban the negative feedback postings by sellers. This just sounds silly to me. How many times have you had that client on ebay that simply was a bad deal. I have had one or two myself. I think the seller should maintain the right to leave feedback just as the buyers can do.

The feedback system in my view is a very important part of the bidding system on ebay, I guess only time will tell.

Details can be found here