Manager Notification

In an effort to improve our support services, we have brought back the Manager Notification feature to our help desk. This means if you have a problem that has not been resolved to your satisfaction, then you can escalate it to a manager.

This feature is available for every ticket submitted to our help desk and becomes active once a member of our support team responds to a ticket. Once activated, you will then be presented with a link at the bottom of that ticket stating, “Not satisfied with the support you are receiving? Click here to notify a Manager of your issue.”

This link can be accessed whether you a viewing a ticket from within the help desk or the support section of your billing account. Furthermore, each e-mail reply sent from the help desk will also contain a link to access the Manager Notification feature.

Clicking the link will take you to a short form that when submitted will trigger the following actions:

  • your comment/request is noted in the ticket
  • the ticket is marked urgent and forwarded to management
  • a page is sent out to all managers on duty
  • a manager will review your ticket and respond with a resolution

We hope you never need this service, but if you do we are here and will do everything within our power to correct any issues you are facing.

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