Pony Power!

Hello TCH Family,

One of the great benefits of hosting with TotalChoice Hosting, is being a true part of our family.  I can not express how many times a confused client has approached me inquiring about an account upgrade.  Just recently I have been helping a client with a large amount of shared hosting sites make some choices on how to upgrade.

Mike Ford, owner of newyorkmustangs.com , has been a happy TCH client for over 5 years.  During this time Mike has grown from one shared hosting account to over ten shared accounts.  Each time adding a new account with a smile. Mike was ready to order his 11th account, however this time, he approached TCH asking about his options.

TotalChoice offers many upgrade options.  I explained to Mike that moving into a reseller account would be the next logical step.  This would allow Mike to host unlimited domains within the allotted disk and bandwidth space.  I explained that a reseller account was still on a shared server. However, Mike really wanted to have full control.  He wanted to add as many domains to his account as humanly possible.  I explained to Mike, that a fully managed dedicated server was the way to go.

After a few days of back and forth questions, Mike looked around and shopped the competitors.  In the end, Mike choose to host his new dedicated server at TotalChoice Hosting.

Thank you Mike! I know you will be pleased with your new server!

Check out Mike Ford’s website at


Happy Hosting!

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