Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Whether it be a Little League field or Minute Maid Park, I will feel at home.  Baseball is one of America’s greatest pass times. I’m not sure if it is the smell of the freshly raked dirt on the field, the crack of the bat connecting with a speeding ball, or just the rush of the competition that keeps us coming back. The game pulls at your heartstrings and nerves all at once.


As a Team Mom/Mother of three little leaguers and an avid Astros’ fan, I know this gnawing urge for a WIN all to well. I have seen the hurt of defeat in a child’s eyes and the smile of victory on their faces. I’ve watched as they have picked themselves up out of the dust just as the Umpire shouts out “Safe”. I’ve followed the ball as it flew into outfield and fell perfectly into the Left fielders glove, when they were only inches away from second base. They have learned to overcome the losses and bask in the glory of the game that is Baseball.


When they are not on the field themselves, we are perched in the stands of  Minute Maid Park, the home of Houston Astros’. We are a loyal Astros’ family, and attend as many games as we can. Each year we spend Mother’s and Father’s day with these guys. Today, April 6, 2009, is Opening Day of the 2009 Series. The Astros’ will go head to head with The Chicago Cubs.


Roy Oswalt, who has been with the Astros’ since 2001, will be pitching the opening game. This year’s 40 man roster will consist of new and old faces of the organization. Lance Berkman and Hunter Pence, my favorites, will be with us once again and are currently part of the active roster. We are all looking forward to another exciting season.



So whether it be a Little League field or Minute Maid Park, as they say “Let me root, root, root for the home team”.



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