Totalchoice Infrastructure Improvements

Hello TCH Family,

Over the past 6 months TCH has experienced some really amazing growth. In the last two months alone we have shattered month to month sales records! November 2011 marked our best all time month in the company’s history. We ended 2011 with our best December in over ten years. Even more amazing is the fact that we just broke our best 15 day period for new sales records. Thousands of new TCH family members have joined us in the past few months and we are very proud to have them in our family.

We owe this all to our clients and staff. I wanted to personally thank everyone that has made TCH such an amazing company.
With this explosion in growth we are making some changes to our internal infrastructure. All of these changes are happening behind the scenes and should be totally transparent to our clients.

This morning around 6am EST, we brought on a new cluster of servers to handle our support desk. We have never had the need for such dedicated hardware to handle our support system, however with all the growth we started to notice a decline in the performance of our help desk and decided to take action. This new boost in speed also translates into allowing our desk to handle a larger volume of clients help requests per day.

Over the past few days we have also brought on new cluster of DNS servers to handle our new clients Domain Name Resolution. This allows us to not overload our existing DNS Servers and most importantly allows us to continue to grow and not affect the performance of our current hosted domains.

We are also bringing on new servers at an amazing rate. Just this past week we added several more servers to our growing server farm. Unlike other small hosts, we actually own and operate all our own hardware. We have our own IP allocations and maintain our very own Data Center Presence. We do not rent servers from other providers and resell other providers servers. We are truly independent and rely on only ourselves to reboot your servers or upgrade your servers ram. If our tech team sees a server that needs more ram, we just take action and do not have to sit around and wait for our vendor to send a technician to work on our rented server.

We have much more to announce and will be doing so right here in our family forums. Many of you have been asking for a new web site with improved services and we are very close to doing so. Please stay tuned for more announcements and in the meantime enjoy the improved infrastructure here at TCH.

Thank you again for all your support.

It’s a great day to be a TCH GURU!

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