Additional Backup Servers now online!

TCH_backup1 TCH_backup3TCH_backup2

In a never ending quest to improve the reliability and quality of services that we provide to our clients, TotalChoice has expanded its number of available Internal Backup Servers.

Over the past few weeks we have been tracking a slight degradation in the level of services provided to our clients from R1 Backup Software.  This was tracked down to the current cluster of backup servers simply becoming to busy with traffic.  It was decided to add another 64GB RAM, 50TB of RAID drive space and 16 CPU’s to the cluster.

The parts were ordered and the additional capacity was brought online over this past weekend.

Services were never interrupted, the TCH team did a really nice job.  Specifically have to thank TCH-Bala for his endless push for new backup resources and all the hard work he did once he was given the resources he asked for.

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