ARIN grants TotalChoice additional IPv4 Allocation.


Today the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) granted a request from TotalChoice Hosting for additional IPv4 address space. This new pool of IP’s will be made available to our clients within the next 72 hours, as we need to get the block advertised to the internet and routed within our network.

With the pool of available IP addresses dwindling at a very fast rate, it has become increasingly difficult for providers to obtain new allocations directly from ARIN.  As of this posting there are 2.69 /8’s in aggregate available for allocation from ARIN.

We are very pleased to have accomplished this.
Happy Hosting!

8 thoughts on “ARIN grants TotalChoice additional IPv4 Allocation.

  1. Hi, does reseller account comes with IP adress bundled. Can I have IP shared among my websites at resellers package?