PHP Policy Announcements

Hello TCH Family!

I would like to announce that the following policies have been chosen on upgrading to PHP 5.4 and beyond.


Currently we have nearly our entire server farm running on dual PHP setups of:

Some of our newer servers in fact are running on dual PHP setups of:

Migration paths for PHP 5.4 will only come to your server if and when the server has been set to EOL (end of life) or upon emergency restoration of server hardware. We will also be retroactively adding PHP 5.4.x to servers in these two categories, which are currently running only PHP 5.3.x.

If you would like to utilize PHP 5.4 and do not need the use of PHP 5.2.3, you have the following options as more PHP 5.4 servers become available:

Contact support and ask to be moved to a PHP 5.4 Server. This should not include any down time and our techs will do the entire move for you! You should be utilizing TCH DNS for a easy transition.
I hope this clears up any questions on our PHP Policy.

Scheduled Maintenance Completed.

Hello TCH Family!
I am pleased to announce that we have completed our scheduled maintenance for this evening.  If you have been effected with this welcome to your new network device, for those not yet upgraded please be patient.

Thank you for your business and its a great day to be a TCH GURU!

Scheduled Maintenance Starting Now!

We are about to start our announced Network Maintenance. If you received an email notice this maintenance effects you. I do not expect to exceed our announced downtime.

We will post updates as we move thru the upgrade.

This is only effecting a small segment of the network and is mostly dedicated clients.  Therefore, I will not be announcing what servers are effected.  Just now that if your server goes offline, that it is due to maintenance.

Thank you

Denial of Service Attack

On March 7, 2013 at approximately 3:20PM our network monitoring detected a large amount of inbound traffic to several segments of our public facing network.  This large inbound traffic tripped our alerting system and we started to investigate.

Within just a few moments we watched a large Distributed Denial of Service attack unfold upon our network. The attack was a targeted UDP attack at our edge.  Typically we can quickly identify and null route these types of attacks, however this attack was very large and coming from thousands of sources.


The above network graph represents just one port on a switch that was targeted.  As you can see the 100mbps port was 100% saturated.  You can also see when the attack was stopped by our network admin team.


During the attack, I grabbed the above graph from one of our gigE switch fiber feeds, as I wanted to show the family just how large of an attack this was.  It was a very short sampling but shows how much inbound we were taking. At one point the attack was pushing over 1.5Gbps of traffic into our network.  This combined with such a large amount of packets per second simply overwhelmed our routers.

The actions we were taking against the DDOS starting showing progress at around 4:15:20PM EST and complete network stability was returned at 5:39:10 EST.

While we never like to endure such events, every provider on the internet faces these issues and it is just part of doing business online.

I am sorry for the network instability from yesterday.

Thank you for your business.