Crazy Eddie Sale :: Reseller Web Hosting 50% Discount

TotalChoice has been in the web hosting for over 14 years now.  During this time we have never offered many sales on our products.  Sure we would do an occasional sale but nothing like what we are going to offer for the next 30 days on our reseller plans.

Has TCH gone totally insane?  Well not really.  To be honest, we overbuilt our infrastructure and have quite a bit of reseller server space available.  Yea, we went crazy building new servers, but hey those things can happen when dealing with new technology.


These must be cheapo servers, overloaded with users and hosting unlimited domains, right?  No not so fast, these are the same servers we sold yesterday.  In fact, lets us talk about what these servers have under the hood, shall we? Each server has 16 cores of amazingly fast AMD Opteron 3.2ghz CPU power.  We use the fastest storage devices available and place all the drives into a very fast and reliable RAID 10 Raid Container.  Couple this with very fast 1800Mhz ECC RAM and these servers are poised to provide our clients with the fastest, most responsive web sites on the planet. Take no prisoners here guys, these servers are the real deal.  No desktop hardware that wants to grow up and be a server one day.


No overselling allowed!  4,000 domains on a server?  Not at TCH.  We limit our reseller servers to 15 clients each.  Period.  This allows every reseller server plenty of overhead and space to grow. I dare you to ask any host to reveal how many accounts they place on reseller servers, I know what the answer would be.  Web Hosting has become a industry of deceit and scam.  Well not here at TCH.  We oversell nothing and do not offer unlimited anything.  Unless you count the support tickets, why yes those are offered unlimited style.

Your reseller account will allow you to host as many domains as will fit within your space and bandwidth.  You will have full access to a reseller version of WHM (web hosting manager).  To even bolster on that, every domain that you add to your reseller account will be assigned its very own cPanel login. The TCH reseller accounts are a full blown gateway to becoming a Web Hosting Provider.  In fact we even give your reseller account its own space.  This is unheard in this business.

TCH is proud of our history, our service levels and our hosting products.  Why take a chance with these other companies that hide behind their Terms of Service when you can host with an Industry Leader. Yes. you can trust TCH today and in the future.

To obtain your 50% discount on the Reseller Plans use the following coupon code at check out :: crazyeddie

Please note, these coupons are for new clients only and only one coupon per new client may be used.  Discount is valid as long as you keep that package and can not be applied to downgrades or upgrades. Offer expires 04/22/2014

Here is a link to our Reseller Ordering Pages.


Web Hosting Account Suspended

You are sipping your morning coffee and enjoying your wonderful Tim Horton’s Donuts, life is wonderful.  Your email client opens and you start progressing thru your emails and then you read it.

“TotalChoice Hosting Abuse Department :: Suspension Notice for”

Your life comes to a screeching halt.  That donut no longer tastes so good and you fall into a fast state of shock.  However, you calm down and read the email and follow the directions from the support team. Within a few moments your site is back on line and things in your stomach start to feel a little better.

The above scenario is one that all web hosting clients could face one day.  Let us take a few moments to go over some of the reasons why your account could be suspended by our admin team.

  •  Exceeding your storage and bandwidth limits.
  •  Frequently using up lots of server resources (CPU , Disk I/O and memory).
  •  Spam email messages being sent from your account.
  •  Hosting or linking to material that violates your Host’s Terms of Services.
  •  Attempting to gain unauthorized access to another customer’s account or files.
  •  Using your account to send out denial of service attacks.
  •  Hacking activities or hosting of material related to hacking.
  •  Unpaid invoices for web hosting.


One of the most important things you can do as a web hosting customer is to keep your account up to date with the most recent releases of the software you have installed.Also, be sure to maintain your account with strong cPanel and Email Passwords. The vast majority of suspended accounts happen due to compromised 3rd party scripts, plugins and or weak passwords.  A good majority of suspensions can be easily avoided if only the client would have taken the time to follow the above.

There are many reasons why a host will suspend your account.  One of the best things to do is make sure you keep a good email address on file with your host.  Almost every host will send an email to the account holder informing of the suspension.  It is always a good idea to make sure you use an off domain email address, this way your host can contact you even if your site is suspended. Many clients point their contact email to their cell phone so that they receive instant alerts from their host.  This is a great idea!

If your account is ever suspended, simply follow the instructions in the email you received from the support team and we will work with you to get your site back online as quickly as possible.  While being suspended is dreadful it is not the end of the world.

We put together this short video that explains the suspension in a video format, I hope you enjoy.

Scam Alert :: Unlimited Hosting

In the market for a new web hosting account? If so, chances are, you will not have a hard time finding a new host for your website. In fact, you will, most likely, end up facing a plethora of choices.  The largest scam in our industry is the “unlimited hosting” plans. It is time we debunk them and expose the liars in the web hosting industry.

You do not need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that servers can not actually host anything unlimited.  That would be like saying your iPod can store an unlimited amount of Justin Bieber songs.  We all know that it simply is not possible.  These web host that claim to offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space are hiding behind their Fair Use Policy and are out right liars.  They are overselling.  This is the act of selling hosting plans to clients and banking on the fact that the clients will not use the space and bandwidth.  Furthermore, if the client starts using to much then the host can use their Fair Use Policy and kick the client to the curb.

If you do your research, you will notice that each overselling web host claims to offer unlimited hosting, but only as per the terms of its ‘Fair Use Policy’ – which, by the way, is often different from the Terms of Use.


Before signing up for these unlimited plans, it is critical that you look into the terms that apply to these accounts.  I took some time to go out and look at some web hosts that offer unlimited plans.  It is shocking to see the lies these hosts spew out to their customers.  These are just a few limitations that can be found in their terms of service ;

  • Using a shared account as a backup/storage device is not permitted.
  • Any shared account using more than 20 gigs of disk space will be removed from our off site weekly backup.
  • Run cron entries with intervals of less than 15 minutes
  • The use of more than 25,000 inodes on any shared account may potentially result in a warning first, and if no action is taken future suspension.  Every file (a webpage, image file, email, etc) on your account uses up 1 inode.
  • Use 25% or more of system resources for longer then 30 seconds is prohibited.
  • Broadcast or Streaming of Live Sporting Events is prohibited.
  • Commercial Audio Streaming prohibited.

Really? I thought this was unlimited everything.  Unlimited disk space as long as I dont store to many files, or you will suspend me and stop taking backups?  Due dilligence, walk lightly and choose a host that does not hide behind its false promises, lies and its Terms of Service or Fair Use Policy.  Determine what you will be using and find a host that will give you your desired services for a reasonable price.

We have put together a video that we hope better explains this entire Unlimited Myth and hope you enjoy watching it.

Why TCH is not like other hosting companies

One of the most frequent questions that is asked is what separates TotalChoice from all the other hosting companies in the marketplace.  This is something that I have been thinking allot about lately.

  • TCH is family owned and operated.

    Web Hosting has become a commodity.  Most of the hosting companies you have read about or seen advertised are owned by large companies.  In fact one large company, with a smooth 1.5 billion US dollars in debt owns many of these hosting companies.  Do you really want to be just a number?  Do you really want your Web Hosting company to be floating on a billion and a half dollars in debt?  TCH is a 100% debt free company.  We are cash based and always have been. TCH treats everyone like family, in fact my cell phone number is available and I personally take calls from clients on a daily basis.  These other big hosters can not say that. Sources can be found here and here.

  • TCH Staff members are truly family.

    The staff at TCH brings many years of experience to the support department every day.  Most of the team has been on staff for more than 5 years.  Our General Manager will be celebrating his 10 year anniversary and the Support Manager has nearly 9 years with TCH.  It is this dedicated and loyalty that separates TCH from the others. Check out our staff page located here.

  • TCH offers faster support and turn around times

    Did you know that the average turn around time from the time we receive a support request until it is solved is less than 15 minutes.  This is something that we are very proud of and have always attempted to maintain.  Every one knows that hosting clients will need support at some point and it is our goal to give our client the quickest and most efficient support available.

  • TCH owns all of its Servers, Switches, Routers and has its own ARIN Allocation.

    Many clients do not understand the importance of your hosting company owning all its own equipment.  This really boils down to choice.  This is part of the reason we choose to name our company TotalChoice.  Owning all of our own servers and everything in between gives us much more control over every aspect of your hosting experience.  For example, if a server breaks down we are not waiting on the “data center” to go unrack the server and tell us what is wrong.  Since we own and maintain the servers, we control the maintenance, reliability and most importantly we control what is done to the servers.  We also control our own IP space and do no rely on upstream providers for IP address allocations.

It’s password time!

Advice on creating very strong passwords.

Creating strong passwords is part of an essential duty of any web master.  This includes passwords for your email, ftp, mysql and of course cPanel user account.

It only takes one weak password and some bad guy and his brute force script and next thing you know your account has been compromised.   This is enough to make a good day go south in a really fast way.

Here are some good tips for choosing a strong password ::

  • Avoid using a single dictionary word.  These are easily brute forced by dictionary-based scripts.  Instead try choosing multiple, unrelated, words and special characters.
  • Avoid familiar items such as names, business names or phone numbers, etc.
  • Use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers, avoid replacing letters with numbers – as this is predictable for any script designed to brute force your password.
  • Ensure your password is something memorable without being obvious.
  • Beware of computers you cannot trust, key-loggers will bypass many forms of security

Using the cPanel password generator ::

If you are unable to create a password then you can always turn to the Password Generator which appears in cPanel next to password change dialogues.  The passwords generated through this method will not be easy to remember, so make sure you make a note of this password in a secure method.

When changing any passwords in cPanel you will be offered the chance to use the Password Generator.
Using Browser plugins to create your passwords ::

There are several browser plugins that will create randomly generated passwords for you and will copy the password to your clipboard, allowing fast and easy password changing.

I personally use pwgen –  Password Generator 0.5.1 for Firefox.  You can find more information on this firefox plugin here. 

Thank you for taking time to read about passwords today, I am confident that rotating your passwords and keeping them strong and secure can go a long way to protect your account and the TCH servers.