Why TCH is not like other hosting companies


One of the most frequent questions that is asked is what separates TotalChoice from all the other hosting companies in the marketplace.  This is something that I have been thinking allot about lately.

  • TCH is family owned and operated.

    Web Hosting has become a commodity.  Most of the hosting companies you have read about or seen advertised are owned by large companies.  In fact one large company, with a smooth 1.5 billion US dollars in debt owns many of these hosting companies.  Do you really want to be just a number?  Do you really want your Web Hosting company to be floating on a billion and a half dollars in debt?  TCH is a 100% debt free company.  We are cash based and always have been. TCH treats everyone like family, in fact my cell phone number is available and I personally take calls from clients on a daily basis.  These other big hosters can not say that. Sources can be found here and here.

  • TCH Staff members are truly family.

    The staff at TCH brings many years of experience to the support department every day.  Most of the team has been on staff for more than 5 years.  Our General Manager will be celebrating his 10 year anniversary and the Support Manager has nearly 9 years with TCH.  It is this dedicated and loyalty that separates TCH from the others. Check out our staff page located here.

  • TCH offers faster support and turn around times

    Did you know that the average turn around time from the time we receive a support request until it is solved is less than 15 minutes.  This is something that we are very proud of and have always attempted to maintain.  Every one knows that hosting clients will need support at some point and it is our goal to give our client the quickest and most efficient support available.

  • TCH owns all of its Servers, Switches, Routers and has its own ARIN Allocation.

    Many clients do not understand the importance of your hosting company owning all its own equipment.  This really boils down to choice.  This is part of the reason we choose to name our company TotalChoice.  Owning all of our own servers and everything in between gives us much more control over every aspect of your hosting experience.  For example, if a server breaks down we are not waiting on the “data center” to go unrack the server and tell us what is wrong.  Since we own and maintain the servers, we control the maintenance, reliability and most importantly we control what is done to the servers.  We also control our own IP space and do no rely on upstream providers for IP address allocations.