TotalChoice Uptime Ranked #1

Billy KishGeneral

TotalChoice Hosting reliability is cutting-edge. We pride ourselves in the fact that our uptime is the best in the business as proven by a third party uptime monitoring company.  The relationship with is now entering its second quarter and we are pleased to announce that TotalChoice currently holds the #1 ranking positions for uptime in several categories.

TotalChoice uptime is ranked #1 in Shared Hosting!

TotalChoice uptime is ranked #1 in VPS Hosting!

Providing stability and a stress-free environment is what we are all about. TotalChoice has your back! Customer satisfaction and server performance is our number one priority!  Don’t forget, our uptime reports are available for everyone to review! You can find this information by clicking on TCH Status

Not hosted with TotalChoice?  Now is the time to make the switch!