Family Owned Company Culture

Hey TCH-Family! Today we’re here to shed some light on our family owned company culture.

It was a cold eve on December 31st, 1999, and suddenly TCH was born….. Just kidding. While our founding was in 1999, TotalChoice actually started as ProLogic Networks in the Garage of our Founder and CEO Bill Kish. Being that we’ve been around since before the internet boom, we’ve seen it all. Over the past 20 (holy-fiber we’re old) years, we’ve seen incredible growth with an ever adapting vision. We’ve been pleased to offer our clients ever changing services from our lowest tier Shared Accounts all the way up to Dedicated Servers. With that we’ve always been happy to offer a wide array of software solutions to go along with our hardware. Throughout the years a lot has changed, but a few things haven’t such as our word-class support, reliability, and of course industry leading uptime.

Most importantly, we’re still family owned and always hiring from within the family. Some may say that family owned is a thing of the past, what we can tell you is that family owned is here to stay. Being family owned, our staff has a level of care that is largely unmatched in the hosting industry. From day one, that’s carried over to our support. Our goal is to treat each one of our customers like a member of the family (hence why we always say “Hey TCH-Family!” on the blog). We want our customers to know that we’re here to grow with you, we’re here to problem solve, and we’re here even if you just want to talk. To those thinking about joining the TCH-Family, we welcome you with open arms! To those that have been with us from the start, we thank you for your long standing trust and continued support. TotalChoice Hosting is a family owned company and here to stay!

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TotalChoice Hosting Facilities

Bandwidth. Hardware. Cooling. Power. Redundancy. Security. Engineers. Support.

These are some of the crucial pieces to the puzzle of reliable and fast web hosting. Today we’re here to talk about our facilities! What many don’t know (and some know all too well) is that there’s so much more to the web hosting than just servers and the internet.

Our USA Based Data Centers are located in the Natural Disaster Free zone of Troy, Michigan. Along with that we have some incredible infrastructure that keeps your data not only safe, but always online. Here’s a list of some of the coolest features of our facilities!

99.99% Network Uptime – We’re always online!

Multiple diverse entry fiber connections to major reliable carriers. – We’re fiber redundant!

On-Site Technicians 24/7 – Always ready to help!

Nine 20-ton Liebert HVAC units with a glycol heat exchange system. Temperature maintained at 72°F and 40% humidity for maximum server reliability – We’re cool!

Diesel generators with 5 day fuel supply and established refueling contracts from multiple suppliers. – Always powered!

Pre-Action Dry Pipe fire suppression system protects against fire. The design couples advanced fire detection sensors with a dry pipe sprinkler system providing security from false discharges without sacrificing safety. – No Fires, No False Alarms!

We won’t bore you with anymore nerd talk but needless to say TotalChoice Data Centers are the coolest thing since sliced bread. At the end of the day our facilities allows us to offer amazing services to our customers with world class reliability, uptime, and support.

If you’d like to know more about our facilities feel free to comment below and chat with us!

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TotalChoice Dedicated Server Coupon Codes!

At TotalChoice Hosting we’ve offered dedicated server hosting from day one. From fully custom managed solutions all the way to a barebones unmanaged server, we offer many different options to suit the needs of our customers. Over the years, we’ve prided ourselves on offering the best value for money Managed Dedicated Servers the web host market has to offer. What truly separates a TotalChoice Managed Dedicated Server from the competition is our customer care. Since 1999 we’ve operated with family owned values in mind and customer service is central to that.

At TotalChoice Hosting, you get 24/7/365 one-on-one support included with your Managed Dedicated Server. Our Customer service polices are simple. If you have a technical issue, submit a ticket and our staff will work with you to resolve that issue as quickly as possible. Uptime has been one of our top priorities since the very founding of our company. With many years of experience, hand tailored care, and redundant infrastructure, we’re proud to say we have 99.99% uptime. We continue to promise the best uptime in the industry to our customers as one of our founding principals.

As a welcome gift to our new customers we have Coupons!

35% Off Managed Dedicated Server: MTRD56KQ2P
33% Off Unmanaged Dedicated Server: UXTH26VK68

Limit 1 use per customer. Coupon code applies to new customers only. Coupon codes limited to 10 uses per code. Existing customers please contact us for deals on new or additional dedicated servers. Offer lasts for 12 billing cycles and is returned to standard rate on the 13th billing cycle.

Now’s the time to take the leap to a TotalChoice Dedicated Server and see the benefits of dedicated power!

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Planned Maintenance Notice

TCH Family,

Please take note of the below maintenance notification:

Location: 319 Executive Drive (TYM1)

Start Date:  2020-02-23 17:00 Eastern Time
End Date:   2020-02-23 21:00 Eastern Time

Work Window: 4.00 Hours

Status: Scheduled

Risk: Impacting; expect downtime to occur during the planned window.    
Maintenance Type: Network Infrastructure Upgrades
Reason for Work: IPv6 Implementation / Increasing Fault Tolerance

Description of upgrades: Adding new IPv6 Allocation. Also, increasing fault tolerance at our border with upstream peering points.

Description of Preventative maintenance: We will be adding a new allocation of IPv6 Internet Address Allocations to our network. In addition we will be increasing fault tolerance across our border routers.

Thank you for your understanding during this Planned Maintenance Window.

You may direct any questions or concerns to our support team