Family Owned Company Culture

Hey TCH-Family! Today we’re here to shed some light on our family owned company culture.

It was a cold eve on December 31st, 1999, and suddenly TCH was born….. Just kidding. While our founding was in 1999, TotalChoice actually started as ProLogic Networks in the Garage of our Founder and CEO Bill Kish. Being that we’ve been around since before the internet boom, we’ve seen it all. Over the past 20 (holy-fiber we’re old) years, we’ve seen incredible growth with an ever adapting vision. We’ve been pleased to offer our clients ever changing services from our lowest tier Shared Accounts all the way up to Dedicated Servers. With that we’ve always been happy to offer a wide array of software solutions to go along with our hardware. Throughout the years a lot has changed, but a few things haven’t such as our word-class support, reliability, and of course industry leading uptime.

Most importantly, we’re still family owned and always hiring from within the family. Some may say that family owned is a thing of the past, what we can tell you is that family owned is here to stay. Being family owned, our staff has a level of care that is largely unmatched in the hosting industry. From day one, that’s carried over to our support. Our goal is to treat each one of our customers like a member of the family (hence why we always say “Hey TCH-Family!” on the blog). We want our customers to know that we’re here to grow with you, we’re here to problem solve, and we’re here even if you just want to talk. To those thinking about joining the TCH-Family, we welcome you with open arms! To those that have been with us from the start, we thank you for your long standing trust and continued support. TotalChoice Hosting is a family owned company and here to stay!

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