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Today we’re talking about our long standing approach to customer service. Since 1999 our goal has been to be a leader in customer experience. While many can match on price or features, what many industries seem to have forgotten is the customer approach. At TotalChoice we recognize the importance of not only treating our customers exceptionally well, but also building long term relationships. Some of our smallest customers have become our largest overtime, because at TotalChoice Hosting we foster small business and always make an attempt to grow with our customers. If you boil it down, our approach is simple. We offer an incredible product and back that product with accessible one-on-one support that actually works. If you have a technical issue, you submit a ticket, you receive a quick and friendly response from our support staff. We work with you side by side to resolve your technical issue as quickly as possible. Our goal after any customer interaction, whether it be through the first opportunity all the way up to an expansion project, is for our customers to know that we’re here for them not just as a support team, but also as people. We’re here to help you grow your business with top tier web hosting and next level support to back it up. We’ve seen a lot of changes throughout the years at TotalChoice Hosting, the one thing that hasn’t changed is how we treat our customers. 

Being a family owned company, we’ve built our values with the understanding that customers aren’t just numbers. Without our customers we wouldn’t be where we are today. Because of that, we dedicate much more than your average web host to our customer support. Thank you to our customers who we’ve built continued decade long relationships with us and welcome to any new customers that are just joining the TCH-Family. 

To sum it up, if you think TotalChoice can help, chat us, submit a ticket, give us a call, direct message us, talk to us on forums. However you’d like to get in touch with us, we’re always on standby waiting for the next opportunity to help our customers.

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