AI in TV’s and Monitors!

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We’re going to mix it up again and talk about TV’s, or high-end computer monitors if you have the budget for it.

LG recently announced shipping windows for its new OLED TV’s starting in the spring of 2020, and they’ve been paying attention to PC gamers. 

At the lowest end of their models, and starting at $1,500, the 48-inch CX series is aimed at gamers. Despite technically being a TV it hits the mark to double as a gaming monitor. The 4k lineup has a 240hz refresh rate. Not only do high refresh rates look good during gaming, they also prevent screen tearing. This model includes LG’s Alpha 9 Gen 3 AI processor and has Nvidia G-sync compatibility. The Alpha 9 Gen 3 AI processor uses machine learning to detect the type of content being played. While doing so, it’s capable of adjusting pixels and audio quality to what LG thinks would best fit the genre of the game being played. 

Even with the ability to optimize playback and meeting the base specs most PC gamers look for, $1,500 is a pretty steep price. We’re not sure gamers are going to jump at the opportunity to spend this much cash. Especially with the fact that OLED screens are more susceptible to burn-in than other options. Though it is cool to see how LG is trying to change the gaming world with AI and machine learning. If money isn’t a problem, LG has other options that only go up from there. With 55-inch and 65-inch options being the middle ground of the new line up and the 77-inch GX 4k OLED TV for $6,000 at the top of their 4k line. They’re also releasing the ZX series as their 8k options with a 77-inch and 88-inch model. There’s no set price for the ZX series yet, but they’re sure to be more expensive than last year’s 8k Z9 selling between $19,999 and $29,999.

No one here at TCH is planning on spending that much money on a tv made to double as a computer monitor, but we’re curious to see how consumers react. If there are cheaper options down the road, some of our staff is curious to see how much AI and machine learning will change their gaming routine.

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