Meet The Family.

Hey TCH-Family! We’re proud to be a family owned business, so today we decided to talk about the family behind TCH!

Bill Kish, TCH founder and CEO started TotalChoice Hosting as ProLogic Networks in his garage in 1999. From that point on Bill has dedicated his life to offering affordable hosting plans and custom built hosting solutions with industry leading uptime and a customer experience you can’t get anywhere else. Being from Michigan, Bill has kept TCH local. He’s grown TCH from his garage in 1999 to USA based Data Centers in the Natural Disaster free zone of Troy, Michigan where we’ve stayed to this day. Offering high-end Data Center security, customer experience, Enterprise hardware, and uptime at a price you can’t get anywhere else. Bill has always understood exactly what customers need. Affordable hosting plans and custom-built hosting solutions at a price that allow our clients to continuously grow.

Billy Kish, Bill’s son has been a part of TCH since childhood. 4 years ago Billy came to work for TCH Full-Time as a Data Center Technician and has recently been promoted to Operations Manager. Billy provides an incredible vision and is bringing us into the next generation of TCH. From our new social media accounts and much more, Billy has a future vision for TCH and is bringing it to life.

In a word from our founder and CEO Bill Kish “Keeping TotalChoice Hosting in the family allows us to stay true to the principles it was founded on. I’m excited to see what changes are coming to TCH as Billy begins to play a bigger role in the future of TotalChoice.”

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