Nostalgia! Despite All Odds, Flip Phones Are Coming Back.

Hey TCH-Family,

While most of what you see on this blog is about our company culture and other related hosting news, we’re going to mix it up today to talk about flip phones…. What year is it again?

It’s no secret that Flip phones have always been, will always be, and currently are REALLY COOL. In the early and mid 2000’s there was nothing more satisfying than hanging up on a call by just flipping your phone shut! While it’s been a while since any of us have been able to do that, it seems like that might be becoming a reality again. With the latest offerings from Samsung and Motorola being seemingly reliable, flip phones look like they’re on their way back! We think it’s safe to say that we never would have thought that 2020 would bring us…. The New Motorola Razr, but crazier things have happened. The nostalgia is real!

So we took a poll of the TCH-Staff. We asked one simple question: Would you consider buying a flip phone in 2020? Overwhelmingly, our staff said no! Majority of responses were accompanied by comments referencing the unfortunate galaxy fold situation that happened earlier last year. With early adoption tax being steep ($1300+) and the quality not being certain, we can understand why people might hesitate. Along with that, these new flip phones just don’t have the specs to support their price tag. Unless you’re dying to relive the days of the Motorola Razr, our recommendation is sticking with a more traditional form factor until we see some major improvements in design, specs, and hopefully price tag.

While this new generation of flip phones has a long way to go, it’s exciting to see some form-factor innovation in the mobile phone space. In general, we really haven’t seen much innovation for the past 10 years other than screens getting uncomfortably large. Needless to say, we should all be excited about what’s coming next!

TCH-Family, what do you think about the most recent flip phones? Are they a flop or a … flip?

Until next time, thanks for reading and feel free to say hi on social media or the TCH-Forums!

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