Meet The Nubia RedMagic 5G, A Gaming Phone With A Industry Leading Display


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Today we’re going to talk about smartphones again. More specifically gaming smartphones.

Early last month Nubia announced their latest gaming phone, the Nubia RedMagic 5G. On top of two Bluetooth controllers that can be mounted to the phone resembling a Nintendo switch, the RedMagic 5G has separated itself from previous gaming phones with two features that stand out. The first being an internal cooling fan. That’s right, just like a laptop or desktop computer this phone will have air vents on both sides with an internal spinning fan to prevent thermal throttling. We’re not sure how comfortable it will be to use a phone with a vent pushing hot air out or how loud the fan will be but it’s an interesting choice to say the least.

The next feature that sticks out is a 144Hz OLED display, beating the previous fastest smartphone display of 120Hz the display. The 144Hz display is a common and sought after refresh rate for PC gamers because it reduces motion blur making graphics look better. We’re not sure how much of a difference it will make with current mobile games but it’s sure to be a big selling point to gamers.

However RedMagic 5G might not be the only phone with these features for long. Though no details have been announced yet, Lenovo released an ad for their own gaming phone the day after the RedMagic 5G was announced. Lenovo’s ad was a thermal image of their new phone indicating that it will run cooler than the RedMagic 5G. Taking a jab at its new internal cooling system has people speculating that Lenovo will compete with the RedMagics 144Hz display too. We’re not sure how Lenovo’s phone will cool itself but we’re interested to see what they’re going to do differently.

Let us know your thoughts about cooling fans and 144Hz displays on smartphones. Do you think it will make a difference or is it just a marketing gimmick?

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