Smartphones and Their Many Cameras

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We’re back to talk about mobile phones again. This time about some cool things that come with smartphones filling up with multiple cameras.

Having more than one camera on the back of a smartphone has been around for a few years. Nokia even released the Nokia 9 at the beginning of 2019 with 5 12mp cameras on the back. Since the iPhone 11 Pro started sporting 3 cameras in the fall of 2019, multiple cameras are becoming more and more common on smartphone models. At face value having 3 cameras on you at all times is really cool. With an ultra-wide angle, wide angle, and telephoto lens on your phone it feels like the modern version of a Bolex H16, a crank-powered film camera with 3 lenses on the front.

Apart from having different lenses to choose from, the most common use for multiple smartphone cameras is cleaner images. With multiple sensors, smartphones gather more image data. Using the extra data they are able to blend images to get better low light performance, improve color accuracy and create images that are sharper with less noise. 

What we’re excited about here at TCH is how more image data will affect Augmented Reality or AR in smartphones. When most people think of AR they think of Snapchat or Instagram filters. However there are more and more apps coming out every day that use AR to improve daily tasks. From Google Maps AR that allows users to point their camera ahead of them and creates giant floating arrows directing them around street corners, to American Airlines testing an AR app that directs users through busy terminals. We’re excited to see what’s to come as AR becomes a more common feature in apps, and the trend of multiple camera smartphones continues feeding apps more data to work with than ever before. Whether it’s for work or for leisure there are tons of possibilities to further bring AR into daily life.

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