TotalChoice Hosting Network Upgrade Project Complete!

TCH-BLOGGeneral, Status Notice

TCH Family,

The Network Infrastructure Upgrades that have been taking place over the past two months have been completed!  The final phase being completed this weekend with the project being closed as of 5pm EST on 4.26.2020.

We did not expect any outages during the final phase of the rollout, however due to a firmware bug, we did experience an outage to one rack of servers early Sunday Morning.  The issue was corrected approximately two hours later and was actually very difficult to track down. After consulting with Arista’s 24/7/365 Technical Support Team (Switch Vendor) it was thought that there was a possible bug in the firmware version of the software running on Rack 22’s Top of Rack Switching Gear.  A software downgrade was completed and the switching gear rebooted and this brought the switch back online and has been running without issue since.

This upgrade brings additional transit carriers, more bandwidth, additional layers of redundancy and all new Routers, Aggregation and Top of Rack Switching Gear to our network!  This was the largest network project that we have ever done.  I am very pleased to announce that our network is now  stronger then ever and will serve us for many years to come!

If you require any further explanations or assistance please feel free to reach out to our support staff here at anytime!

Thank you for your continued business.