Zoom Doom: How To Go From Exponential Growth to Shrink In A Matter of Weeks

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Today we’re going to talk about the popular video-chat service Zoom and why you may want to look for another service. As more companies are working remotely and people are encouraged to practice social distancing, video-chat services had to adapt to meet demand and Zoom rose to the top.

By downloading the Zoom app, users can easily create a video-chat code and anyone with an account can join by entering the code into the app. Zoom allows up to 100 participants to join for a 40-minute call in the free version or up to 500 participants in a paid plan. With the massive video-chat sizes Zoom quickly became the most popular video-chat service for businesses and schools making the switch to remote work. Along with professional users, Zoom attracted a lot of users looking to socialize with friends and family while staying indoors. With its user-friendly setup and the ability to change video-chat backgrounds leading to endless memes going around right now, Zoom fit the needs of both professional and social users. Zoom has said its platform grew from 10 million users in December of 2019 to 200 million users in March of this year. Despite its massive user base it’s proven to be far from the best video-chat option.

With that immense amount of growth in such a short period of time Zoom quickly became a security target. On top of being less than truthful about having end-to-end encryption to their users, multiple security vulnerabilities have been found in the Zoom app. From leaking its user’s windows credentials and sharing user data with Facebook, the list of security threats grows more each day. Users are quickly leaving Zoom for other options as more information about these security threats comes out. New York City has even banned Zoom from being used by its school system along with countless companies like SpaceX and NASA banning their employees from downloading the app.

As video-chat services become more and more necessary in daily life we’re interested in what’s to come from Zoom’s growing list of blunders and who will take their place. Whether it’s for work or socializing let us know what video-chat service you’ve been using lately.

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