Interesting New Tech: The Raspberry Pi High-Quality Camera


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Today we’re going to be talking about some new tech again.

Raspberry pi has released its new camera the “Raspberry Pi High-Quality Camera.” The 12.3 megapixel Sony IMX477 camera can be used for both photos and video and is compatible with Raspberry Pi’s single-board computers. The Sony IMX477 was originally made for camcorders and is a big upgrade from the older Raspberry Pi cameras that were cell phone cameras with a small lens built-in.

Apart from being newer technology the biggest difference between this camera and Raspberry Pi’s previous camera is that it has an interchangeable lens system. While the previous model, the Camera Module V2 used an old smartphone camera with a built-in lens the new camera gives users the flexibility to use whatever lens they want by coming with an aluminum C-mount and C-mount to CS-mount adapter. By using C mount lenses you’re sure to get a better image and a lot of control over the look and quality of that image with all the possibilities to choose from. You can even get a C-mount to EF-mount adapter to use professional-level DSLR lenses if you’re inclined to go big or go home with your $50 sensor.

This new camera has all the possibilities that come with Raspberry Pi Computers. You can do everything from taking photos, making time-lapse videos to even making your own motion sensor security camera. With Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections you can view your camera remotely or stick with USB and SD storage. No matter what you plan to do with it, now that you can swap lenses there really are no limits.

Let us know if you’ve ever played with a Raspberry Pi camera and what you made with it below!

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