Sentryone Software Standard End User License Agreement

The annual license requires you to renew the license each year to continue using the software. Subject to your continued compliance with these conditions, Sentry grants you a limited, non-transferable, non-exclusive, revocable and licensed right: (i) access to associated services, documentation and documentation, only for your own internal activities, for the contractual period for which you paid the current subscription fee; and (ii) to access and use the data or reports we provide to you as part of your access and use of the Services (together “Reports”), only in relation to your use of the Services. Reports are considered to be part of the services applicable for the purposes of the above licence. You understand that Sentry uses third-party and hosting partners to provide the hardware, software, network, memory and associated technology needed to provide the services, and you accept that Sentry is not responsible or that it will be responsible for the actions or omissions of such third parties or hosting partners. 16. Electronic communications. Communication between you and us uses electronic means, whether on the site or by email. For contractual purposes, you agree (a) to receive communications from us in electronic form; and (b) accept that all the conditions, conventions, communications, communications and other communications that we make available to you electronically meet all the legal requirements that such communications would be compliant if written down. It is possible to obtain a free license from SQL Sentry for monitoring the SQL Server instance, which contains the SentryOne database. The database license can be controlled regardless of how many licenses you already have. You agree that Sentry has the right to use your name and logo on the sentry website or other websites or marketing materials to identify you as a Sentry customer and describe your use of the Services. You also assume that Sentry (but is not obligated): (i) may issue a press release that identifies you as a Sentry customer; (ii) inform other potential customers that you are a user of the services; and (iii) identify them as customers in other forms of advertising (including, but not limited to case studies, blogs, etc.).

For the purposes of these terms, “confidential information” is defined as any technical or commercial information disclosed by one party to the other that, when disclosed in writing, is identified as “confidential” or “property” at the time of disclosure; or (ii) if they are the subject of oral publicity, are identified as confidential or proprietary at the time of disclosure and are grouped into a handwriting sent by the party to the public within thirty (30) days from publication to the receiving party. For the purposes of these conditions, you agree that feedback, all reports we make available to you and all non-public items of the website or services (including, but not limited to the source code of proprietary sentry software) are considered to be sentry`s confidential information, whether they are identified as such.

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