Severance Agreement Michigan

It is absolutely necessary to contact a lawyer before signing or accepting a compensation agreement. The rights you give up can be much more damaging than the short-term financial benefits you will get from a package of severance pay. Contact Carla D. Aikens` law firm to arrange advice and allow our experienced lawyers to verify and analyze your unique circumstances of dismissal or dismissal. At Miller Cohen, PLC, we represent employees in Michigan in all kinds of labour law cases. If you have left your job or have been laid off and are being asked to sign a severance agreement, speak to one of our lawyers. We have the experience of protecting your rights to severance pay and additional benefits. Whether you sign a contract or an employment contract upon entry to a new job or a severance contract after the end, we can negotiate advantageous terms for severance pay. For a free consultation, call 313-566-4787, 800-221-6021 or contact us online. These issues may haunt everyone who has lost their jobs, but in many cases, a severance package can make the transition a little easier to swallow. Severance pay is compensation and benefits that are granted to a worker after dismissal, often as compensation for unused leave or sick leave, or even in recognition of the person who has worked for the company for a considerable amount of time. In many cases, these types of parcels are regulated and promised by the execution of a severance contract signed by the employer and the worker.

However, it is important to note that these agreements are not always as beneficial to the worker as they could be. In addition, severance pay does not include the remuneration of the actual working time and the wages already earned by the worker who, at the end of that period, are legally obliged to pay the worker. The quintessence is that you should not accept an insufficient redundancy package. Your employer is putting you in this difficult situation, and he should do everything in his power to help you come to your next good job and pursue your career. If you`ve been fired recently, or if you think it could happen soon, I know how you feel. I have helped hundreds of people – executives, executives, managers and others – negotiate the severance agreements they need to move forward in their lives. You don`t need to do it alone and accept the company`s first offer. Please contact me today so we can discuss your situation and determine the right direction for you. It is sometimes desirable to include in the severance agreement a provision that explicitly allows the employer, through carefully selected representatives, to address the remaining workers and provide appropriate information on the separation of the employment relationship.

At least the dismissal agreement should provide for the employee to inform the employer of such a measure and give the employer the opportunity to take over the defence after his choice.

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