Simple Business Asset Purchase Agreement

1. Buy and sell. The seller agrees to sell to the buyer and the buyer hereby undertakes to acquire from the Seller all the seller`s tangible and intangible assets used in the seller`s restaurant and catering (the “assets”), as explained below: (b) Total seller value and other intangible assets, including, but not limited, to all customer lists, supplier names and addresses, mechanics or service personnel, etc. It is a form that must be used in a simple transaction as a starting point for an asset purchase agreement (unlike a share purchase agreement) between a buyer and a seller. 6. Closure/Loss Risk. Transactions under this agreement are completed in the offices of Lee, Black, Hart-Rouse, P.C., 6555 Abercorn Street, Suite 206, Savannah, Chatham County, Georgia, or in another location where the buyer and seller agree on the end date. On the reference date, the seller transfers, transfers, transfers and cedes assets as described in paragraph 1 to the purchaser and his lawyer through the security deed, sale, assignment or any other appropriate instrument, in the form and content satisfactory to the purchaser and his legal counsel. The seller must also execute, on the date and date of completion and at the buyer`s request, the other documents necessary to make the sale and transfer of the seller`s assets, as intended, effective, in order to fully involve the buyer in this title and to make otherwise the purpose of this contract. The buyer takes possession of the assets at the closing and has the right to occupy the rental premises mentioned in the lease agreement and to employ the assets in a catering/restoration company from the reference date.

The risk of loss goes from the seller to the conclusion to the buyer. 2. The buyer assures and guarantees that he has verified the assets and accepts these assets in their current condition, with all errors. The seller hereshes and guarantees that he owns the assets subject to the liabilities covered, but expressly refuses any guarantee of the condition or adequacy of those assets.

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