Tcode For Joint Operating Agreement

A joint operating contract is the physical contract signed by all partners. It defines the parties, the interests of the work, etc. We establish a joint enterprise agreement in SAP on the menu path below or via the GJAA tcode. Select text: P_TEST – Selection EssayText: JOA – Joint Enterprise Agreement SelectionText: ENTREPRISE – Company Code Title: Common Enterprise Agreement Basic Data Text Symbol: 160 JOA Text Symbol: 133 – Venture Text Symbol: 101 – Text Symbol Editing Options: 100 – Text Symbol Selection Criteria: 0 035 – Text Symbol: 034 – JOA Delete Symbol text: 033 – Deleted Text Icon: 032 – Delete Text Icon: 031 – Text Icon Description: 030 – Brand Text Symbol: 028 – This JOA is removed and all associated operations are also removed. Text icon: 027 – This JOA is removed and all associated companies are also removed. Text icon: 026 – This JOA can be deleted because no venture data set has been found. Text icon: 025 – Update: Text icon: 024 – This JOA cannot be deleted. However, selected companies are removed. Text Icon: 023 – Status: Text Symbol: 022 – Essay: Text Symbol: 021 – JOA: Text Symbol: 020 – Company Code: 016 – Profit Center Number Text Symbol: 015 – An Operation Within a Command, Number: Text Symbol: 014 – Corporate Joint Venture Textsymbol: 013 – The Company`s Global Settings as Text Symbol: 012 – Na Property: Text Symbol: 011 – JIBE/PASC: 010 – Standard Element WBS Text Symbol: 009 – WBS-Element Text: 008 – Standand Text Symbol Project Number: 007 Project Number Text Symbol: 006 – Text Symbol Cost Number: 005 – Text Icon Command Number: 004 – deletedTextsymbol: 002 – textsymbol: 001 – 001 – JOA GJ11 SAP tcode for – Joint Venture Basic Data Catalog Have you implemented your JVA business or are you considering an implementation? If you already have this module in service and you are working, there must be someone in your company who is already aware of the processes and configurations of the joint venture at the end of the month and who can help you.

You should look for that person. You can also learn a lot by looking at some of the existing business invoices your business creates or by running some of the basic JV reports. As the JVA is very configurable, it is difficult for a corporate outsider like me to give you more than a few clues in general, unless you have a particular problem or a particular issue. I would advise everyone who is installing this module for the first time to hire an SAP specialist advisor, because there are so many things that can go wrong. As a backdrop, I worked for 4 years as a joint venture accountant for an oil company, so my knowledge in this field is largely acquired. The only formal documentation I`ve ever seen on the JVA module, apart from limited online help, are the course notes of the SAP training course that I`ve already mentioned. This too is very simple. Problematic areas: working capital JV (inventory, liabilities, VAT, demarcations, etc.) especially when you charge in cash; The costs of the joint venture which, for whatever reason, do not reach joint venture bills; Business costs that wrongly hit the JV; MM integration with the joint venture, gains/loss in foreign exchange, etc. Enter the description of the joint enterprise agreement, the description of the group of shares and the action exploited. That`s the part we (the operator) are responsible for. Yes, for example. B there was a $1,000 effort for drilling, we would be responsible for $700 and we would charge the remaining $300 to our partners.

To define the partners in the JOA, a double-click on the action line operated JVA is a huge module – I did the introductory course of the SAP IOGW40 a few years ago, and the course lasted a week. Don`t confuse it with the JV setup if you don`t know what you`re doing. The basics – but the AIC is primarily a notification system, essentially an SAP assignment detector. Most relevant data is stored in special cases 4A, 4B and 4E.

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