Firefox FoxTab…

Hello Happy TCH Family,

I recently discovered a Firefox Add-on called FoxTab, and I love it! Therefore, I decided to share this with you. As some of you might not know about it yet. The latest version just recently updated on February 8, 2009, but it first surfaced back in September. With the raving customer reviews and over 700,000 total downloads, FoxTab is really catching on with the Firefox installed user base.

Because I use FireFox as my default browser, I find this add-on to be the coolest one yet, and much helpful while working with multiple open tabs. It is a breeze to install and get started with. Once you hit install and restart the browser a FoxTab icon appears in the browser toolbar, between the home button and the URL line. A user can select and deselect open tabs, by using a mouse or a keyboard arrows keys.

There is also an alternative to Alt-Tab shortcut, for a quick tab switch between all open tabs. This is where a user has an advantage of selecting a desirable tab at first try, due to a full display of all open tabs.

There is also an option to Filter your open tabs, by clicking on a “folder” icon on the bottom left and then selecting a group of tabs from a common domain.

For example, if I have 10 tabs open and 3 of them are TCH site, TCH blog and TCH forums, buy selecting the TCH group, FoxTab will isolate those 3 out of all 10.

The FoxTab display size is also adjustable to a users preference, and it has 5 different layout options to choose from. If it is something that user does not wish to have it is easily to uninstall.

I think all these futures make the FoxTab a great Add-on for any FireFox user, allowing them to browse with a breeze. Try it out.


Happy Surfing!