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My name is MIke Ford and I am the Customer Service Manager here at TotalChoice Hosting. Feel free to contact me anytime.

April 2013 Family Contest

Thank you to everyone who participated in the re-birth of TCH’s Family Contests! It turned out to be very popular and we would like to congratulate Irene from New Jersey for winning a brand new Google Nexus 7 Tablet!

It’s time again to give some more free stuff away! We had so much fun giving Irene the Google Nexus 7 tablet that we want to give another person the opportunity to win a tablet! This time we are giving away a brand new Kindle Fire HD!

Kindle Fire HD

The Kindle Fire HD features a 7″ HD screen, 16 GB of storage space, ultra-fast wifi and access to Amazon’s vast library of apps, movies, books, music and more. Powered by Android, the Kindle Fire HD is a great reader and tablet all in one.

This month the contest is just as simple. To enter all you have to do is ‘Follow’ our blog. On the bottom right hand of every page on our blog you will see a tab / button that says ‘Follow’.


Simply click it, enter your e-mail address and click ‘Sign me up!’ to subscribe to our blog and newsletter.


Aside from entering into this contest you will also automatically be entered into future contests as long as you are following the blog. A random person will be picked during the last week of April and the Kindle Fire HD and TCH T-Shirt will be mailed to you soon after. We ask that the winner take a picture wearing the TCH shirt while holding the tablet and post it on the forum and/or our Facebook page. We will cover shipping to the continental United States only.

Best of luck to everyone!

Reminder: Change PW’s Regularly & Always Update Software

This is a friendly reminder to change your passwords regularly and make sure all your software / scripts are up to date. Outdated versions of software, such as WordPress, Joomla, osCommerce, etc., can open vulnerabilities allowing hackers to compromise your website and / or server. Simply updating to the latest version as they become available is a good way to help keep such vulnerabilities and attacks down.


You may update most scripts via the Administrative Control Panel / Dashboard of the script. If you are unfamiliar with how to do this please check the documentation for said script. Here are a few links to help you update some popular software. Please feel free to comment if you would like me to add more to this post. Thanks.


Did you know that weak passwords account for nearly 60% of all account level compromises? Please make sure you’re using strong passwords for everything you do online with both upper and lower case letters, numbers and a few special characters. The simple step of using strong passwords can go a long way to providing you with the security you deserve.

You may change your cPanel and e-mail passwords via cPanel (yourdomain.com/cpanel). Here are a few links to update your TCH passwords:

Our Help Desk is open 24/7 and our technicians will be more than happy to assist you with any issues or concerns you may have. You can create a support ticket at https://support.totalchoicehosting.com. Please feel free to post a comment below as well.


TCH Blog Android App

We’re excited to introduce our blog Android app! The app will bring the latest TCH news, updates, contests and more to your Android powered device. The free app is available in the Google Play store or by scanning the QR code below from your Android device.


If you have a chance and feel like leaving a positive review in the Play Store we would really appreciate it 🙂