Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Whether it be a Little League field or Minute Maid Park, I will feel at home.  Baseball is one of America’s greatest pass times. I’m not sure if it is the smell of the freshly raked dirt on the field, the crack of the bat connecting with a speeding ball, or just the rush of the competition that keeps us coming back. The game pulls at your heartstrings and nerves all at once.


As a Team Mom/Mother of three little leaguers and an avid Astros’ fan, I know this gnawing urge for a WIN all to well. I have seen the hurt of defeat in a child’s eyes and the smile of victory on their faces. I’ve watched as they have picked themselves up out of the dust just as the Umpire shouts out “Safe”. I’ve followed the ball as it flew into outfield and fell perfectly into the Left fielders glove, when they were only inches away from second base. They have learned to overcome the losses and bask in the glory of the game that is Baseball.


When they are not on the field themselves, we are perched in the stands of  Minute Maid Park, the home of Houston Astros’. We are a loyal Astros’ family, and attend as many games as we can. Each year we spend Mother’s and Father’s day with these guys. Today, April 6, 2009, is Opening Day of the 2009 Series. The Astros’ will go head to head with The Chicago Cubs.


Roy Oswalt, who has been with the Astros’ since 2001, will be pitching the opening game. This year’s 40 man roster will consist of new and old faces of the organization. Lance Berkman and Hunter Pence, my favorites, will be with us once again and are currently part of the active roster. We are all looking forward to another exciting season.



So whether it be a Little League field or Minute Maid Park, as they say “Let me root, root, root for the home team”.



Baked With Love…

We all have something that helps us to relax and unwind. An outlet where you can get lost in the joy of what you are doing. A hobby provides small moments in one’s life that allows you to be you. A hobby reveals the passion in a person. For me, this is baking.

My fixation with baking began in third grade. I came home from school to find the Fairy tale world of Hansel and Gretel in the form of a cake. This was my birthday cake. It had a graham cracker house held together with icing and candy cane posts. The roof was covered with candy and a gumdrop chimney. There were licorice lined windows and a brown sugar path leading to the house. This was the greatest thing my nine year old eyes had ever seen. I knew then that one day I would make my own sweet creations.

I learned all I could from my mother and family members that were willing to put up with me. I continued to bake as I grew older. I helped my mother make cakes, pies, cookies and candies. But my passion lies in cakes. There is no limit to what you can do with a simple cake recipe and a few extra ingredients. I think of a cake as my canvas and icing my paint. I am no “Ace of Cakes”, but I enjoy the building and creativity of making a cake. I have made cakes for baby showers, weddings, anniversaries, retirement, birthdays and other occasions. It is an unexplainable feeling to know that you have contributed to someone’s special day.

I recently made a cake for my Daughter’s softball opening day. I made a baseball diamond in the center of the cake. I then placed four Marzipan cover Styrofoam balls on each corner. These were made to resemble softballs. Each girls name was written on the cake. The cakes were auctioned off to help the league with regular maintenance of the field. I was so excited when my cake went for $175.00. The team was overly excited when the gentleman who purchased the cake returned it to them. We were all able to enjoy the cake.

My son’s birthday was this last weekend and of course, I had to pull out the cake pan.  He loves John Deere tractors. I was able to find a small John Deere toy tractor to build a cake around. I air brushed the grass on the cake and placed a fence and trees on this area. The rest of the cake was covered with brown sugar and combed to resemble plowed field. The tractor was placed in the field.

TCH Billing Tips!

TotalChoice Hosting has a fully automated billing system. This system allows our clients full access to their billing information. Our clients depend on the ease and accessibility of this billing system. We get a number of questions in our Billing department about billing issues and access. Listed below are some of the more Frequently Asked Questions that I would like to answer. 

How do I update my billing information?
You can reach the billing system through:


You will need the email address on file in your account and a password. If you do not have this information, you can use the forgot password link. If your email address can not be found then please contact us via our Help desk. The most common reasons for this error are an incorrect email address or you have an older billing account in a different system.

How do I update my Credit Card?
Once you have logged in to your account, go to the top of the page to My Finances and click on Update CC. The system will ask for a password. This is the same password that you used to login to your billing account.

How do I pay my Invoice?
Once you have logged in to your account, go to the top of the page to My Finances and click on Invoices. The current invoice is at the bottom. Click on the Invoice number. At the top is a link to Pay Online. This will pop up a new window to enter your credit card information.

How do I add another hosting package to my existing billing account?
If you wish to order additional products you may use your billing username and password during the ordering process. You will want to select, add this order to my account, during the order process. This will allow you to manage your purchases under one account.

How do I change my billing method?
If you need to switch from Credit card to Paypal or vice versa, please open a Help desk ticket. We will assist with this change.

How can I have my billing in the new system?
This can be achieved through a Help desk ticket. We encourage the move to our newer system and will provide a link to setup a new billing account.

How do I upgrade/down grade my account?
All upgrades and down grades can be done through a Help desk ticket. You do not have to wait until your next billing to do so. This can be done at any time.

I paid through Paypal, why am I still receiving notices that I need to pay?
If you paid using a PayPal eCheck, our system will continue to email you daily until that check clears. Once the eCheck clears, your payment will be marked as paid. We are sorry for this confusion and we ask for you to ignore this email until the payment you made clears

I lost my login for Cpanel. How do I get this?
Please open a Help desk ticket for this issue.

As a security check we ask that you provide us with:

1 – Your full address (Inc. zip code)
2 – your phone number
3 – the last four digits of the credit card being used to pay for the hosting account

The above act as proof of ID, so that we can then reset your password. 

Did you know you can also access the Support Desk through your billing account. Once you have logged in to your account, go to the top of the page to Get Support and click on Contact Support. You can then submit a ticket directly from your account.

Not only will these tips save you time, they make it easier to understand the system. If there are questions that were not addressed here, you can always submit a ticket. We will be more than happy to address your issue.