What went wrong?


Dick and his new Fujitsu Lifebook Laptop. Oh she is such a thing of beauty. The 17″ screen, the full size keyboard, DVD burner and slots for Dick to place his memory cards in.

So what went wrong?


Welcome to the TCH Blog


Welcome to the new TotalChoice Hosting Blog.

We have been kicking around the idea of a corporate blog for some time. However, between all the new server builds and our Troy, Michigan data center build out we have continually been placing the blog idea on the back burner. However, there is no time like the present. So off to the races we go with blogging.

You can expect to find posts here from our entire staff. When we set out to make the corporate blog our first intention was to create a medium that would allow us to better communicate the behind the scene efforts that make TotalChoice Hosting a leader in the hosting business. After many meetings and several pots of coffee we finally choose to make this blog more than that. You can expect to see ramblings from all our staff about a wide variety of issues.