Update on Network Upgrades

Hello TCH Gurus!

I would like to update everyone on the current status of our network upgrade announcement noted here. https://blog.totalchoicehosting.com/?p=816

We are proud to say that we have completed an estimated 60% of all our planned upgrades. There was a brief pause in our upgrade path as we stumbled on a coding
issue with our internal software.  The nasty critter has been fixed and we are going to start rolling out upgrades effective next weekend.

Once we determine the next upgrades, you can be assured we will follow our protocols and make the proper announcements.

Thank you for your support and it is a great day to be a TCH Guru!

The upgrades are coming…

Early this afternoon we sent Maintenance Announcement’s out to a select group of clients.  On Saturday March 2, 2013 we will begin with our network upgrade initiative. This is the first step in our earlier announcement concerning Network Upgrades.

If you have not received this email then the rack your server resides on has not been selected for this first round of upgrades (or you opted out of such e-mails).

I have chosen to upgrade two server racks per Maintenance Window.  This plan will take us a little longer, but will also allow us to work any bugs out as we move along.

We have tested this upgrade on a rack of internal servers, and I am very very excited to roll this out to everyone.  I am confident everyone will be blown away with this network improvement.

Thank you for your business and it is a great day to be a TCH GURU!